National Magnet Nurse of the Year 2018


As far as experiences go, I know I’ve married the love of my life, had beautiful children, and, you know… faced (and so far, beat) cancer and stuff. But this. This was the most incredible, dream-like experience- and one that will likely go unmatched for a while. Winning National Magnet Nurse of the Year in the Structural Empowerment category has shown me that making your mess your message can have absolutely beautiful outcomes. I was so humbled and honored to accept this award in front of 11k of my new friends and am happy to share my speech here with you.




During the conference call when I found out 🙂


more from the week…






  1. Dear Lindsay !.
    First I will congratulate you to that great honour of beeing the Magnet Nurse of the Year!
    A great honour !

    BUT more – strength ,courage ,fighting spirit and even fear,anxiety, empathy and empowerment , than honour, is your genuine “Star mark”.
    Excuse my English!

    Of A ramble i fell over your first blog post of your cancer !
    I felt very sad of what I read then I must admit !
    And I have followed you since then!

    I was just diagnosed with MDS, a blood cancer desease, and just surfed around looking for some blogs about ca….

    You gave me courage and I started to empower my self with knowledge and hope !
    And it was very strong and empatic and humble of you, to turn to the patients ,in your ward telling them – “- Now I understand you , all about the feelings the fear the anxious ,everything you told me! And I am so sorry I didn’t understand what you where talking about then, BUT now I do!
    You are a very emphatic loveable person!

    I am so happy for your sake Lindsay and for your family,people you work with, the patients ,you give all of them hope and courage.

    (I get an allogen stem cells transplantation 28 of September 2017 and I am so happy for that treatment .Feeling well 1year old.- fantastic!)

    Good bless you and the whole family of yours!
    Best regards Berit Soderberg

    I couldn’t resist writing to you when I saw what’s happened!!!!
    The best Nurse of the Year definitely

    Skaffa Outlook för Android



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