As Seen On…

I thought it would be fun to create a post where I could share all the links of articles I’ve been in:

People Magazine

Self Magazine



US Weekly Magazine

Women’s Health Magazine

Huffington Post


ASRN- The Journal of Nursing

Colorectal Cancer Alliance


The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Cure Magazine

Women’s Weekly Magazine

Daily Mail

Oncology Nursing News


Daily Nurse


KCTV 5 follow up


Smart Brief

Advisory Board

All Nurses


a plus


NOTE: a few other larger projects will get their own post 😉




  1. I am so glad that you’re doing well. I am also a nurse, live in the UK and have been living with Breast Cancer for 10 years, Stage 4 for two years. I am now 47. When you went quiet I got very worried.
    I am largely living a full and active life. My secondaries are in my bone but I’m lucky that they don’t cause pain.
    Much love

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  2. Wow look at all those!! You did great and deserve all the recognition!! I look up to you each and everyday and I can only imagine how much your kids look up to you after this journey. Love you to the moon and back! ☀️

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  3. Awesome!! Glad you got all that recognition! This list does not mention the several articles in other languages too! glad you are doing well. can[t wait to read the next project. I recommend everyone to go out and read some of the articles.

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  4. Hi Lindsay! Just ran across your latest post on FB. My name is Grayson, I’m a nurse as well in North Carolina. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Colorectal CA at 28 in June 2015. I am also a Colorectal Cancer Survivor! Our stories are very similar. I had an ovarian transposition, followed by 28 days of oral chemotherapy and radiation. Proctectomy with temporary ostomy, followed by 5 cycles of oral chemotherapy and then an ostomy takedown. I am now 18 weeks pregnant with my first child, a healthy baby boy, who was conceive naturally without fertility treatment! Anything is possible! You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story!

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