Squad Goals

Thought I would introduce you to my dream team! You may not know who’s all involved in the treatment of a cancer like this. Obviously, each diagnosis is different and requires various therapies and providers – but here is my squad:

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Dr. Joseph Valentino– Surgical Oncologist. Dr. Valentino is the surgeon who found the mass (bonus points) and initiated the whole process. He will perform an abdominoperineal resection (APR) with permanent colostomy after my chemo-radiation is complete.

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Dr. Raed Al-Rajabi– Medical Oncologist. Dr. Al has created a chemotherapy treatment plan and will closely monitor me with clinic visits, lab work, and periodic scans as I progress (strike that, bad word)… move through treatment. I will also have close follow up with him after treatment is complete.

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Dr. Xinglei Shen– Radiation Oncologist. Dr. Shen has planned out the approach for my radiation treatments by taking several scans to determine where to target the doses of radiation.

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Dr. Annie Jewell– Gynecology Oncologist. Dr. Jewell did a laparoscopic oophoropexy  to move my ovaries out of the way of radiation. She won’t be following the rest of my treatment but she’s awesome so she’s still squad 🙂


Camden Norris– Private Duty Nurse. Camden will be there every day, all day, for like 70 more years to do whatever I need. He’s specifically trained in humor therapy, back rubs, and movie/TV accompaniment.


Evelyn and Harrison Norris– Professional Distraction/ Inspiration Experts. Evelyn and Harrison are highly skilled in the art of distraction and giggles. They have magical powers to keep their parents smiling and to help get through any challenges.



I feel so very fortunate to have the support and love I have from the rest of our family and friends. I’ve had amazing meals (which has proven to Camden even more that I’m a kitchen failure- haha), beautiful cards, visits, handmade gifts, cleaning services, personal training services, gift cards, friends that follow me to daycare to lift my kids in the car… I mean the list does. not. end. You guys are really outdoing yourselves and I’m just getting started. I really don’t know how to express our thanks – but thank you, from the bottom of our hearts- thank you. We are humbled.


XO Lindsay



  1. Looks like an amazing team! I know from working next to some that you are in great hands without a doubt!! Curious if I could get your mailing address?

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  2. Lindsey
    Thank you for all the amazing information . I never fully understood all the different doctors, treatment, paperwork, and so many appointments you are hit with until my sister was diagnosed with diagnosed with breast cancer. I was trying to keep good notes so we could review them later and see if we had further research to do or questions to ask and it’s kinda hard to take notes when it’s a whole different “language” and you have no idea what half of the words or terms truly mean.
    I am so happy you such an amazing support group!! Plus you are Medical VIP getting all of the best care and not having to wait so long for test results and your next visit. Just the fact you know and can trust your physicians is super awesome!!!
    If you need anything please do not hesitate to ask.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone. It means a lot!!!
    Love ya – Take care!

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  3. Lindsay- I’ve been thinking about you girl. I have no doubt you are in the best hands over there. Can you email me your address, too?? – Lizzie

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  4. Hi Lindsay. You don’t know me but I’ve been a patient of Dr McGuirk for 8 years and friends with Amy Valasquez for almost that long. You had a post up yesterday that Amy shared and now it’s gone. It was so moving and inspirational that I shared it with other cancer patients I know but those who didn’t get a chance to read it are really disappointed. Could I talk you into putting it back up so others can still be inspired? Thank you.

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  5. As a two time cancer survivor, your blog really hit home on everything I remember feeling/thinking throughout my diagnosis and treatment. Thank you for being so honest and open. You will help many more people than you can imagine especially yourself as you process all that your situation entails. Plus in the years to come when you start to think ” did this really happen to me?”, you can read it and start to believe that your are brave and definitely a survivor! Jan


  6. Lindsay, after reading your apology letter to all of your cancer pt’s I felt the need to respond. I was Dx with IDC Jan 11th 2013, I was fortunate to participate in dr Kahn’s clinical trial . You were one of my amazing nurses that cared for me every Weds for 6 months. You helped lift me up,, emotionally as well as physically, your sweet smile and kindness made my husband feel cared for. Your positive attitude and your knowledge gave me reassurance. You made an impact on my life as well as my husbands. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you got a lot right, unfortunately getting the rest you have to experience cancer . Stay strong, know that so many people are standing by your side to lift you up. You have a great team ,your huge KU family, and from what I have read you have an amazing husband , family, and two beautiful sweet children.

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